Huge Step for “Invest Local Illinois”

In the instant gratification mindset of today, it’s often a challenge to remember that real change takes time. No where is this truer than in the highly regulated world of finance. Around 18 months ago the state of Illinois passed perhaps the most business and investor friendly Intrastate Investment crowdfunding law in the country. Those rules went in to effect on January 1, 2016 and since that day people have been anxiously waiting to see a local small business utilize these rules to raise growth capital.

Well…. The wait is over!!


Cardfrenzy, a retail chain of card and gift shops has listed an offering with Illinois registered investment portal VestLo. Cardfrenzy working to raise up to $500,000 from its customers and neighbors to fund the growth of its franchise program operations.

Investment in the Cardfrenzy Franchise program is exclusively for Illinois residents. You can view the the offering here:

Always remember that investing comes with risk. Especially when looking at investments in small privately held companies. Please be sure to review all the documents and financials prior to making any investment. It is an investors responsibility to do their own due-diligence. We never offer investment advice but we LOVE the idea of Illinois citizens supporting Illinois businesses.